10 Characteristics of High-Quality Kitchen Cabinets | Premium Choice Cabinetry

18th Nov 2023

10 Characteristics of High-Quality Kitchen Cabinets | Premium Choice Cabinetry

10 Characteristics of High-Quality Kitchen Cabinets | Premium Choice Cabinetry

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Your kitchen is not only a cooking area but also a cherished space for loved ones. Additionally, it is the best blender you can afford.

This place is important, so it has the best storage - kitchen cabinets. They are like superheroes for keeping things organized, and they also look good. However, not all kitchen cabinets are created equal. We're here to guide you to understand the traits of a cabinet with

Is it worth buying kitchen cabinets that can't handle accidents or tantrums from a 5-year-old?

The importance of a High-Quality Kitchen Cabinet

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Did you ever order something online, only to feel absolutely betrayed when it arrived? Whether you're a kitchen designer, contractor, or homeowner. Shopping for kitchen cabinets can be overwhelming, especially if you have no idea what you're looking for.

A website picture of a cabinet may deceive you into thinking it's good. However, in reality, it's as weak as a cheap plastic salad spinner.

This is why it's crucial to understand what distinguishes a high-quality cabinet. We want you to avoid kitchen tragedies, so we'll walk you through the top 10 characteristics you need to consider before you swipe that card or sign that custom order contract.

Characteristic 1: Robust Materials

robust cabinet material

Quality matters and the McDonald's of materials just won't do when seeking true quality. People commonly use three types of wood materials for cabinets; plywood, hardwood, and medium-density fiberboard (MDF)

And while particleboard is a popular choice, serious cabinet makers tend to avoid it. Yes, ladies, and gents, these are the Christian Louboutins of cabinet materials. Like all things, each of these woods has its pros and cons.

Hardwood is the heavyweight champ – it's strong, sturdy, and has that solid, luxurious feel. Good material but it's expensive. MDF? Well, it's the Goldilocks in the middle, balancing the perks of both.

Now it's time to talk about all plywood kitchen cabinets. Plywood prides itself on being flexible and resistant to cracking, unlike particleboard which is the pigeon of materials. This helps them stay firm during delivery and installation.

It also allows them to support heavy countertops and helps them avoid damage from moisture. It's also the most affordable quality on the market for the quality, giving you a fine finished product while still leaving money in your pocket.

All plywood cabinets have layers of wood running both vertically and horizontally, which gives it a good foundation. It can withstand the test of time in water which is perfect considering your cabinets will be around plenty of sinks and faucets. It also can withstand plenty more weight compared to particleboard.

Characteristic 2: Craftsmanship Quality

quality cabinet craftsmanship

Now, let's discuss craftsmanship. This isn't some haphazardly put-together IKEA furniture we're discussing. The attention to detail and smooth design is key when looking for quality cabinets. Look for subtle nuances like dovetail joints, or the smooth, even distribution of veneer.

"So why would this matter? Well, When you buy a nice new car, every detail counts, from the leather seats to the way the car feels when you press the gas. Quality cabinet construction is no different. Imagine having to buy new cabinets every couple of years from water damage.

Characteristic 3: Effective Storage Solutions

high quality cabinet storage

Don't you just love when you can find that specific brand of exotic spices buried deep within your Sesame Street-themed collection, thanks to some smart storage solutions? Well, in the world of kitchen cuisine, cabinets can turn storage from a nightmare into a sweet dream.

Pull-out drawers, deep drawers, and adjustable shelving can dramatically transform your kitchen's functionality and accessibility. It has the power to make your kitchen a cooking paradise and not a jungle where you hunt and gather tools and ingredients.

Characteristic 4: An Aesthetic Design

Getting the aesthetics right is like getting the perfect selfies – it just feels right! The design of your kitchen cabinets significantly impacts the overall style, whether your preference is minimalist or vintage.

Choosing the perfect color scheme can either make your kitchen a soothing oasis or an energetic stage. It's like dressing for the occasion, only this one lasts for many years.

Characteristic 5: Precise Sizing & Fitting

Seriously, there's nothing more tragic than poorly fitted kitchen cabinets. You're not going to appreciate a ball gown that's size 19 when you're a 16-size regardless of the fabric quality. A high-quality cabinet should be precision measured and fitted to your space like a hand-stitched Italian suit.

Characteristic 6: Quality Hardware

Think of hardware as the jewelry of kitchen cabinets. It's not just there for aesthetic pleasure - a poor choice of cabinet knobs and door hinges can potentially shorten the lifespan of your cabinet. Just like you wouldn’t put costume jewelry on a Chanel dress, you need premier hardware for your kitchen cabinet.

Characteristic 7: Effective Cabinet Doors

Quality Cabinet Doors

Up next are cabinet doors. Selecting the right cabinet doors is like choosing a perfect ending for a movie- it can make or break it. Cabinet door types have various purposes and styles. These styles range from inset doors that fit inside the frame to full-overlay doors that cover the entire front.

Characteristic 8: Durable Finish and Sealants

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The glitz and glam of a cabinet come from its finish and sealant. Whether you prefer a painted, stained, or natural look, the durability of the finish is equally crucial. It protects your cabinet from moisture and those overeager toddlers armed with soup spoons.

Characteristic 9: Structurally Sound Back Panel

strong cabinet back panel

Did you know that the back panel of a cabinet is a significant contributor to its strength? Just as a tree gets its stability from its roots, cabinets draw their strength from the back panel. So, don't just judge a cabinet by its external beauty! Make sure to examine the material behind it!

Characteristic 10: Worthwhile Warranty

Finally, let's discuss warranties. Make sure your cabinet provider is offering you a warranty. A genuine warranty isn't just about protecting your investment; it's like a confident wink from the manufacturer, stating "Yes, we trust our product, and you should too."

Trust us, once you understand these key characteristics, you won’t feel as lost and confused as you would in an advanced geometry class. So, sharpen your cabinet-scouting skills and dive into our selection of premium kitchen and bath cabinets locally and nationally.

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